Dumbbell Sets For Your Home Gym Fitness Equipment Collection

A dumbbell set is not the reserve of the fitness strength training or bodybuilding enthusiasts. Rather these value-added weights should be part of any home gym fitness equipment selection.

Dumbbell sets have certainly advanced, specifically in aesthetics, making them a much needed and integral component of the home gym fitness equipment set up. These sets are available not only in a variety of sizes and forms but colors too. With added technology and manufacturing processes within this sector, one may even consider the adjustable variety or the typical ‘standard” types.

These sets complete a home gym fitness equipment set up in that they can be used “out on the road” when one requires the addition of fitness weights to their fitness routine when walking or jogging. And by adding fitness weights to a routine one stands to benefit the body with the added weight, which in turn goes towards firming up the muscles. Alternatively, these sets can be used in the home, around the house, and even in front of the television.

In considering the actual term and definition of the dumbbell, according to dictionary.com, there are two definitions, the second referring to “a stupid person”, obviously we are not referring to that here. The provided definition is “a gymnastic apparatus consisting of two wooden or metal balls connected by a short bar serving as a handle, used as a weight for exercising.” Now as stated the aesthetics surrounding the dumbbells have far progressed beyond the two metal balls, and one has the option of acquiring round, square, hexagonal and a variety of different shaped dumbbells to complete their Outdoor Fitness Equipment array.

In addition to this, the availability of the neoprene covered dumbbells is possible, which provide both a protective covering for the dumbbell itself, whilst making this equipment easier to handle by the user, not to mention the stylish colors within which these exercise aids have become available in. Where are these value-added items available from, one may ask; and of course the answer is fitness and sports shops, both online and the traditional brick and mortar stores.

We have become spoiled for choice in so far as selection goes, and should you be quite busy with the variety of chores, duties, and responsibilities, then perhaps online is a good route to consider for your purchase of dumbbells to complete your home gym fitness equipment collection.

dumbbells seem like they are designed for arm workouts. There are times when I will use all dumbbell exercises in an arm day workout. In this article, I want to look at a few effective dumbbell exercises that you can use to get some seriously pumped arms.

Let us start with some bicep movements. Of course, the number 1 dumbbell exercise for the biceps is the standing, alternating dumbbell curl. I love the pump that this exercise gives you. Not only does it pump up your muscles, but it will also pump up your ego. You can focus on each bicep one at a time as you perform this exercise, making this a great mind, muscle movement. Read also more about military fitness equipment.

Hammer curls are an exercise that should never be overlooked. This is the best exercise that you can do for overall arm thickness. Hammer curls are responsible for getting the outside part of the bicep. Using dumbbells for this exercise is much better than using a machine to do it.

As for triceps, there are several very effective exercises that you can do. My favorite one is the behind the head dumbbell extension. This exercise lets you get a full contraction, and a great range of motion as well. It is a good mix between the mass builder and muscle toner. This exercise will add to the overall muscle size of the triceps.

The next tricep exercise that is great to use dumbbells for is lying dumbbell extensions. You have more control over the weight when you perform this exercise with a set of dumbbells as opposed to a barbell.

With the plethora of expensive exercise gadgets out there, it’s easy to get lost in the ridiculous notion that you need some fancy machine or contraption to get in shape and gain muscle. Why is it then, that when you go into any serious, hardcore gym, that you will find the busiest area to be the dumbbell area. With all the fancy, expensive machinery, it is the dumbbell workout that time and again shines through the distorted haze of expensive machinery and membership that the exercise industry has created.

It goes back to the idea that you can’t beat the basics. The already tried and true ways to build muscle and get in shape is accomplished through the dumbbell workout. Whether you are into toning or bulking, the dumbbell workout will not fail in accomplishing your goals. And the simple, convenient nature of it simply can’t be beaten.

Toning and Bulking: A good illustration of the ability of a dumbbell workout being able to accomplish both toning and bulking can be seen through a bicep workout. If I am focusing on bulking my entire bicep I will perform standing dumbbell curls, with a fairly heavy dumbbell. This is a powerful arm builder which works the entire bicep and forces you to work the weight through a free range of motion, as opposed to machines which isolate your movement, generally only partially affecting your bicep.

Now, if I am concerning myself with more of a toning workout, or wanting to isolate a portion of the bicep specifically (such as the peak) then I will sit down and perform strict concentration curls. Where the standing bicep dumbbell workout was more powerful in its execution, the seated concentration bicep dumbbell workout is more focused. It is performed at a slower pace, and with a lighter weight.

Almost any body part can be applied similarly with a dumbbell workout. You simply either focus on a dumbbell workout with powerful movements or more concentrated, deliberate movements. Or you can combine the two for both mass building and toning results.

A dumbbell workout can save you time, money and frustration while providing you with a highly effective, no-nonsense and convenient way to build muscle easy.